• Teacher Self-Care

    3 Tips for Teacher Work/Life Balance

    This post is to encourage teachers to create a work/life balance. Teachers are good at a lot of things, but a healthy work/life balance is not usually one of them. Most teachers are in the profession because they care about the students and want their students to succeed. Therefore, long hours and self-neglect are often times the result. We know that teachers do not make as much money as they deserve, and yet they are willing to put in long hours for their students. Because of the lack of balance between work and life outside of work, among other reasons we will discuss another day, teachers are leaving the profession…

  • Five Things

    Five Things I Want To Help My Audience With

    Hello! Welcome to The Everyday Teacher! The purpose of this blog is to help and inspire both veteran teachers and new-to-the-profession teachers alike. I (Teresa) am just an ordinary, everyday teacher that is trying to get become a better educator and person for both my students and myself. Therefore, I specifically want to: Provide ideas and methods to improve classroom management Did you know that no two classrooms look the same in regard to classroom management? It is important to discuss different methods of managing a classroom because what works for one teacher may or may not work for another teacher. I believe having a variety of methods in your…

  • Successful Substitute
    Substitute Teaching

    How To Be a Successful Substitute

    Want to become a successful substitute? Here are 7 suggestions on how to become a substitute that teachers will want to have back in their classroom! As a teacher, I hate having to be gone.  I’m sure you’ve heard of how it’s easier to come to work sick than try to create substitute plans, but that is only part of the problem.  When requesting a sub, it is a gamble on who you get.  My school district uses a program that allows us to choose our top five favorite substitutes, but they are not always available.  Therefore, I am at the mercy of the substitute gods who will be teaching…

  • Traveling Teacher

    9 Awesome Ways To Be Helpful to a Traveling Teacher

    Will you have to give up your classroom during your planning period because of a traveling teacher? Here are 9 awesome ways you can be helpful to a traveling teacher. Having to share your classroom with a traveling teacher can be inconvenient for you, but it is necessary for those teachers who do not have a space to call their own. As I mentioned in this post, I am a former traveling teacher.  The advice in this article stems from things I either learned from colleagues who helped me, or they are things I wished some of my colleagues knew. Most of the teachers that I shared a room with…

    Traveling Teacher

    5 Ways To Be A Successful Traveling Teacher

    Are you going to be a traveling teacher? Here are five ways that you can become a successful traveling teacher.  Disclaimer:This post may contain links, but they are not affiliate links.  Currently, I will not make any money if you choose to make a purchase through the link(s). Almost every student-teacher dreams of the day when they get to have their own classroom.  It’s fun to think about all the different ways one can decorate and organize a classroom to make it their own. However, not every teacher gets to have their own classroom.  In this situation, teachers may be asked to travel from one classroom to another, making them…